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Counselling Services

The counselling service is unique in that the client awakens or discovers their inclusion in the accomplished work of Christ. This is the Pastoral focus of the counselling that produces positive outcomes (fruit) in the client’s walk.

The true identity of the client is that they do not have to try to achieve, by their own efforts, to be good. God has already made them right through Christ’s work, and therefor they are good.

The service is not a window shopping experience as to look for something that is not attainable. It is discovering the already reality of a Life that has already gifted you all things and produces faith in the client to experience this.

Often people see themselves as "not good enough", "unaccepted" and "unloved" but the reality is that every person is made "good", "accepted" and "loved" in their worst state. Through your inclusion in the accomplished work of Christ, you are made right with God without your own efforts to try to be right before God.

This is the good news of positive outcomes in the midst of struggles, disappointment and helplessness.

You are not what you think you are, you are "beloved", "well-pleasing" and "made right" in Christ.

Come to the discovery of your true identity!