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The Counselling Practice

Carin Olwagen works in a solo practice. She is focused on her client’s seeing long term outcomes for their problems/situations.

The counselling in the practice includes counselling for children, teenagers, adults, families, groups and communities.

Symptoms are identified and positive outcomes are seen in the counselling. In cases of long term symptoms persisting, referrals may be made to a relevant specialist in the field.

The service of the practice is the entry level in the healthcare field much like a doctor, which is the entry level service available for identifying symptoms before making a referral to a specialist if needed.

The specialising in pastoral counselling is the foundation of the practice. Discovering one’s true identity has a positive effect on all dimensions including Body, Soul (mind, thoughts, will), Spirit as well as circumstances, relationships, work etc.

The other service of the practice includes psychological assessment tests for career decision-making for teenagers (including career choices) and adults.

A battery of tests are administered (multiple choice) together with the counselling. The tests measure Career maturity, Personality, Values, Interests and Intelligence.

All these are important aspects to consider when searching for a career that is a best fit for the client. It takes all these dimensions into consideration in seeing confirmations and blind spots opening up for the client, in terms of possible careers to follow.

The client is part of the process as they research the confirming careers after the tests to make an informed and quality decision. The counselling assists in the process to see what problems may have a negative effect on the client’s decision making process eg low self-esteem etc. Positive outcomes are then seen which has a positive effect on the client's view of themselves and the career as a calling and not just a work.

The career assessment takes 5 sessions (1 session per test) for 4 tests and a feedback session with a report. Intelligence tests may be done by referral on request and the report is then evaluated with the other tests for an outcome.

Teenagers having to undergo decision making regarding subject choices can use the career tests as a guide to make informed decisions regarding the subject choices that will keep their options open for the relevant careers they fit.

The practice also includes the service of giving programs, workshops and seminars on specific topics as the need arises, as well as public speaking from a pastoral viewpoint focused on discovering your true identity/positive spiritual image.